TRICOLORS is a tiny puzzle game about blocks and colors, made for GitHub Game Off 2017.


Try removing all colored blocks in a 5x5 map. Solve endless puzzles with increasing difficulties!

This game is inspired by a game Lights Out in my childhood memories. Original Lights Out game is designed for monocolor screens. I made it much more difficult by coloring the blocks. Each block can be colored red / green / blue, and these 3 colors can be mixed together:

  • red + green = yellow
  • red + blue = purple
  • green + blue = cyan
  • red + green + blue = white

How to Play

This is an HTML5 game. Please try latest Chrome or Firefox if it does not work in your browser. Mobile devices are also supported.

Click the [ ? ] button in game cover for the tutorial.

More Details

This game is made by LastLeaf (Fu Boquan), for GitHub Game Off 2017. You can find the source code here.

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